Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are a time tested solution for suspension requirements. We offer reliable suspension leaf springs made from high quality spring steel of grades AISI 5160, SUP9 and EN45.

Our product range includes leaf springs for:

  • 4x4 Pick-up Trucks
  • Trailer & Caravans
  • Truck /Semi-truck
  • Carts
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Special Purpose/Custom Built

4x4 Pick-up Trucks

  • Full Military Wrap design
  • Heavy Duty Upgrade
  • Shot Peened for better fatigue life
  • Superior surface protection
  • All Major Models supported

Add-A-Leaf / Helper Springs

We can supply Add-A-Leaf or Helper
Springs for 4WD application

Trailer and Caravans

  • Rocker and rocker arm assemblies
  • Slipper configurations
  • Bushings U-Bolt available

Truck and Semi-Truck

  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Shot Peened for better fatigue life
  • superior surface protection
  • All major models supported


  • Golf Carts Springs for Ez-Go and Club Car
  • Complete Kits with Bushings and Spacers
  • Heavy Duty / Dual Stage Suspension Springs

Agriculture Machinery

  • Spring application for agriculture machinery and attachments.
  • Components for agriculture machinery

Special Purpose/Custom Built

Our team can work with you for your custom applications or modification for suspension springs

I-Max Suspension Components

Our range of I-Max Performance Leaf Springs is an upgraded offering that provides superior performance under the tough conditions for your 4WD and UTEs.

Features of I-Max Leaf Springs:

  • Improved Wear Life
  • Reduced Noise Characteristics
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Reduced Friction
  • Better Surface Finish